The light, which enables life on Earth, is an important factor that influences all aspects of life. It allows us to see, comprehend where we are and what we are surrounded by. Light enables us to hold a dialog with the physical world. It is responsible for growth and health. It resets the biological clock and impacts our hormonal cycle.

Just as sight is the key sense taking part in the architectural and design experience, light is the most important raw material in creating this experience. Form and space, materials and colors, furniture, details and accessories – each are given their significance and presence by light. Furthermore, the biological, physiological and psychological influence of light, or the absence thereof, also impacts the experience, as do influences stemming from culture, geographic location and personal preferences.

Recruiting light to improve the feeling of well being

Although we are unable to control natural light sources, in my work, I treat light as a raw material for all practical intents and purposes. Although the building opens up to light, a sufficient and comfortable amount of light is not enough. We expect the building to be stimulating, exciting, full of life, to cause a desired mood, to be connected to nature's flow, to create spaces that realize our concept and dreams, and to provide us with a positive, significant feeling.

רם סגל אדריכל תכנון אדריכלי אדריכלות מוארת מזכרת בתיה אור תאורה מרצה הרצאה הרצאות ram segal architect architectural design illuminated architecture light lighting mazkeret batya israel lecture lecturer

Electric illumination has been used, since its invention, as a tool for extending the hours of activity; therefore, most considerations relating to its application were functional and energy related. Today  it is clearer than ever, that electric lighting, just like natural light, enfolds great value and emotional potential in addition to functional and physical response.

The course of the design on the way to enhancing the positive experience and feeling throughout the day, must therefore include the adequate knowledge, information and approach to light and illumination. In my work, I do my best to realize the potential embodied in using them, based on the skill and know-how I have acquired, all along with my consistent study of the subject. All the above enable this 'secret' to be deciphered.